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The majority of motor vehicles that one of the public highways in the United Kingdom basically run on a standard set size numberplate this is 520mmx 111mm there are approximately 5,000,000 cars a public highway this will include all motor vehicles purchased cars along so as you can imagine it takes a sophisticated computer to keep all records and knowledge of whereabouts over motor vehicles that are fully registered within the United Kingdom.

Number plates now Fitting Kit


Should you go searching for an appropriate fitting Kit together with your number plates then you'll get what is demonstrated within Picture number one

1. Fitting Kit

Fitting Kit

1.6 specialised high adisive pads

2.4 do it yourself screws

3.2 black color screw caps

4.2 white-colored screw caps

5.2 yellow-colored scew caps


Whenever feasible, we generally suggest that the double sided adhere pads are employed. By utilizing these there's no need to drill the number plate and for that reason no specialised tools all equipment would be needed. Apply the double sided tacky pads to your back of your plate the way it is clearly displayed and show in Picture No.2 and every thing is going to be fine. These items are extremely tacky so make sure have the vehicle number plate correctly positioning at all times it would benefit you to place the number plates on a flat leaf surface prior to installing your double sticky pads.


2. Sticky Pad Positions

Sticky Pad Positions


Should you decide on to drill and screw the plates then you definitely need to drill your vehicle replacement numberplates plates from the rear and be sure that the plate is held securely in position as you carry out the necessary tooling of your holes to receive your plastic screw caps

we would suggest for safety reasons that you would always wear safety goggles and protective hand gloves at all times for health and safety reasons .