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Number Plates Printing

Here at Number plates now we supply quality replacement vehicle number plates at affordable and realistic prices part of this process involves ourselves actually reproducing your high-quality numberplate this process of printing was carried out without state-of-the-art laser printers to which enables us to supply you with a fantastic looking product.

Process of printing your vehicle number plates starts with the input of a computer system to which we enter your vehicle registration number this is loaded onto a sophisticated piece of software that is fully licensed and regulated to only produce run legal numberplates that correctly spice to conform with regulations set down by the drivers vehicle licensing agency.

Once the registration number of your vehicle is imported into the computer it is imprinted onto a transparent film along with your national flag of your desire and also road legal borders within place the reflective side of your numberplates which is coloured either yellow for the rear of your vehicle or white for the front of your vehicle.

The reflective plate is placed onto a metal jig to which the transparent section that has been printed is placed directly on top of the reflective surface it is then carefully pushed through a roller to which completely presses both products together and it meets all trapped in the process. The finish usually takes about 5 min to complete it is then placed in a specially designed them below which has protective layers of bubble wrap inside a to which you would then be dispatched delivered while Royal mail.