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Guarantee on our Number Plates

All of our number plates that we supply carry a full 12 warranty should your replacement number plate fail we would ask you kindly to return your vehicle number plates to us directly so that our in-house service department might take a look at your faulty product. Should the product be faded or distorted in any shape or form that I replacement vehicle number plates will be sent to you free of charge please find below requirements for any warranty work to be carried out.
Please contact us as soon as possible should you find your product to be faulty in some shape or form.
Please kindly return your faulty numberplates us directly so that our in-house service department I inspect it.
We always take our products and service very seriously and we will e-mail you directly the same day we receive your product to let you know that we have received it please make sure you you supply us with your e-mail address and date of purchase.
If the item we found faulty then we will supply you a replacement numberplate free of charge included for postage.

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