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Fixings/Fittings & packaging of number plates

The fitting of your freshly made number plate supplied by us is quite a simple process to which we would like to explain to you how to carry out this process.Once you have removed your old worn or cracked number plate from your vehicle please places down on a solid flat surface.

When this has been done close your freshly prepared number plate supplied by us underneath the original number plate from your vehicle using a pencil or marker pen please mark inside the existing holes from your original number plate from your car to which you have just taken off once you have carried out this procedure remove your number plate on top and you will see that there are two marks on your new number plates.

We would voice you always to wear safety goggles and protective clothing including gloves as a caution you will need a small 4 to 5 mm drill bit to drill through the freshly made numberplate this is quite a simple process but please do not push too hard on your drill as it may be possible if you do it too hard you may crack your number plate .
Once this procedure has been carried out you are now in me final stage to place your new number plates on your vehicle line up your number plate to the existing holes on your car to receive your new one and screwing the 2 cups screws this completes your process of fitting your new number five with an out approximately 10 to 15 min carry out installation.