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About DVLA Registrations

In the United kingdom, number plate manufacturers are expected to enroll together with the DVLA and comply with the regulations and rules put down by them. Similarly, individuals who are purchasing number plates (which exhibit a registration plate) have to confirm evidence of identification as well as exhibit evidence of association with the registration plate just before receiving the number plates. After the transaction on this web site has become completed you'll be prompted to provide us with two items of information and facts that will establish your identification and your connection to the number you are buying. This can be a quite simple procedure and also the details we need could be e-mailed to us. In the event you conform to this requirement promptly then there'll no wait in any way within the mailing out of your purchase. Your agreement with us commences when your purchase is carried out and as the plates are created immediately and instantly, you'll have no right to terminate if you're not able or unwilling to conform to the request from the DVLA that you should establish your identification or perhaps your connection to the number plates you’re purchasing. If right after placing your order with us you're not able or not willing to supply the necessary information and facts, this is known as you the purchaser breaking the agreement, we won't be able to despatch the number plates and there might be no reimbursement.